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Seeds is the second feature by filmmaker Skip Shea. An avid fan of folk horror films like THE WICKER MAN and ROBIN REDBREAST, Shea decided to follow up his first feature Trinity with a tale that ultimately pits a pagan cult again the Catholic Church.

A grieving mother Macha, played by Emma MacKenzie is feeling isolated in her grief and holds onto her Catholic faith while her 
husband Andrew, played by Patrick Bracken dives into his work as a distraction. Against her wishes he leaves to study an old New England cult, that's religion is based around the metaphysical properties of the apple.

The secrets of these metaphysical properties that the Cardinal Sinibaldi, played by Kip Weeks, is very interested in discovering for his own use.

As they rush to make these discoveries, the cult has deadly plans of their own.

Shot on location in the Blackstone Valley which is situated between Providence, Rhode Island and Worcester, Massachusetts. It was also shot in parts of Connecticut using the same locations that were used in LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH. 

There is an old legend that when H.P. Lovecraft ran out of ideas for his writing he would travel north along the Blackstone River to come up with ideas.

Shea is equally inspired by the river, surrounding woods and old farms. The trinity found in folklore. The perfect place for SEEDS to be born.


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